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Bobby Womack (c: Jazz Fest Wien Archive), Ray Charles (c: Wolfgang Gonaus), Miles Davis (c: Friedrich Rumpelhuber)
For more than four decades we have been taking a key role in constantly re-shaping the ever evolving music world. Among the numerous outstanding artists we have worked with are a high number of musical legends like Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock and Liza Minnelli.
Our horizon of activities ranges from weaving networks of international integration and cooperation among the players of the music business to successfully developing new markets and introducing innovative formats.
Our clients include cities and governmental bodies as well as international organizations and multinational corporations.


Some of our involvements ...

Gregory Porter at Porgy & Bess club, Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Vienna City Hall, JazzFest.Wien at Vienna State Opera
Fritz Thom is the founder and producer of JazzFest.Wien in Vienna, which ranks among the leading jazz and arts festivals in the world. Since its start in 1991, the secret of JazzFest.Wien lies in bringing top-rank musical artists to perform in some of the city's most special venues – spaces, where the genius of a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sigmund Freud or Robert Musil is still present. Memorable concert nights at the Vienna State Opera, the MuseumsQuarter or Vienna's historic City Hall define the unique profile of the festival.
→ JazzFest.Wien.
International Jazz Festivals Organization: The members of the IJFO are taking the lead in bringing outstanding musical performances to legendary festival formats in 15 countries worldwide. Co-founding the EJFO – the European Jazz Festivals Organization – in 1982 and serving as chairman of the International Jazz Festivals Organization since 2002, Fritz Thom is shaping the activities of this umbrella organization to the top jazz festivals in the world.
→ ijfo.org
The art of creating unique moments is our passion. Close and longstanding working relationships with the → quintessential artists of our times lie at the core of our success.
A → working record of 40+ years with the key-artists of the world makes us the leader in the field of musical exchanges and encounters. We invest year-long work in opening up new ground - top-venues like the Vienna State Opera or the Musikverein in Vienna - for music that has never been played there before. We strive to help bring the quality segment of the music and concert business as a whole further by creating impulses for artists as well as by weaving global networks of festivals and music promotors in a spirit of openess and collaboration.
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